Early Intel Ice Lake-SP Processor Information


Intel’s Ice Lake-SP launch event is happening today at 8AM Pacific time. It is called “How Wonderful Gets Done“, which is kind of a silly name. This post will cover some early Intel Ice Lake-SP Processor Information that has been leaking out ahead of the event.

I am going to update this as the day goes on.

3rd Generation Intel Scalable Processors

Intel has fifty-seven separate SKUs in this family. Fifteen are actually the older 14nm Cooper Lake-SP processors for four-socket and eight-socket servers. They have “H” and “HL” suffixes. There are forty-two 10nm Ice Lake SKUs.

YouTube Videos From Dell

The first video covers some new features in the upcoming Dell 15th Generation server family and mentions a few things about Intel Ice Lake-SP processors.

TECH TALK: Innovation Discussion for PowerEdge Servers with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® SP CPUs

The second video briefly discusses some of the new features in the Intel Ice Lake-SP processors

TECH TALK: Benefits of the 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® SP CPU Architecture

The third video talks about workload optimized CPU SKUs, that have an alpha suffix at the end, such as “U” for single-socket SKUs.

TECH TALK: Workload Optimized SKUs with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® SP CPUs

The fourth video cover the new PowerEdge R650 and R750 models

TECH TALK: The PowerEdge R650 and R750 Rack Servers

Final Words

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