How to Use the MSI Flash BIOS Button


I recently released a new YouTube video, called “How to Flash the MSI MAG B550M Mortar BIOS with the Flash BIOS Button“. This video walks though and demonstrates all of the steps required to use the BIOS Flash button on this motherboard.

How to Use the MSI Flash BIOS Button
Rear I/O Panel of MSI MAG B550M Mortar

The BIOS Flash button is a special feature that lets you flash the BIOS without having a CPU, RAM, or video card installed. This feature also works on a complete system.

The most common reason you would want/need to do this is if you had a new CPU that was not supported by the existing BIOS version on the motherboard. This feature can also be useful if a more traditional BIOS update (using the M-Flash BIOS utility or the MSI Dragon Center Windows utility) failed.

This situation is happening to a number of people with new Ryzen 5000 Series processors that require a newer BIOS version than was available when the motherboard was manufactured. As newer stock shows up for sale, this will less of a problem.

How to Flash the MSI MAG B550M Mortar BIOS with the Flash BIOS Button

Here are the high-level steps that I show in the video.

How to Use the MSI Flash BIOS Button
Key Steps to Using the Flash BIOS Button

Here is the video.

YouTube Video

Final Words

I think this is a useful video right now because the documentation on the product web site and in the motherboard manual is a little sparse. MSI also has a short video about how to do this. I think my video goes into much more detail!

I also have blog post about doing this same type of operation for several other MSI motherboards.

If you have any thoughts or questions about this post, please ask me here in the comments or on Twitter. You can also follow me on Twitter, where I am @GlennAlanBerryThank you for reading!

7 thoughts on “How to Use the MSI Flash BIOS Button

  1. Updating BIOS is part of a patching and update policy to stay secure. Not updating your BIOS may leave you vulnerable to a potential exploit. Only use the manufacturer’s website or tools to download an update, as successfully installing an incorrect BIOS update may cause major stability issues.

  2. Hi Glenn,
    I updated my BIOS on MSI Z690 Tomahawk through MSI Centre/OD vision software and on reboot I had no signal on Monitor. It was my first build of a computer so it was extremely frustrating. After many hours on the internet at work to find a fix (there were so many different ones) I stumbled across your “how to” instructions. I then loaded up a USB 2 with the latest MSI Bios update for the Mobo, went home and followed your instructions to the letter and the result was AWESOME.

    Thank you very much for the effort in making this easy enough for someone like me who is not computer savvy to follow.

    1. You are very welcome. Glad it was helpful!

  3. Hello Glenn,
    I did exactly your instruction and after it reboot by itself (when the light flashing stopped) everything looks fine and I saw the bios on my monitor. But after I reboot by myself to get to the Boot menu to install windows I had the same problem again and I have no signal at all on my monitor. I am using a X570-A Pro Mainboard. Your manual was the only one which worked for, can you help me with this one too? Do I need to make any settings after the bios flash was succesfull?

    Thank you and regards,

    1. Is this a new system, or was it working before?

      Flashing the BIOS will reset all of the BIOS settings to their default values.

      If your system will POST, you can go into your BIOS and try changing to the optimized defaults to see if that helps.

      1. Thank you for your Reply. It is a new system. After it worked yesterday once, when I do exactly the same steps Which worked yesterday it does not POST now. I hope that is the right path because it worked yesterday once.

        I know it is difficult to recommend something without seeing the PC but I hope you have some advise for me.

        Thank you in advance

  4. Thank you for your video! This helped fix a new MSI motherboard that shipped with a corrupted bios and would’t let us in setup. It works now after flashing to newest BIOS!

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